Zondra WatsonBig Fish Ministries (BFM) is excited to welcome Zondra Watson as our new Women’s Program Mentor. In this role, she will walk alongside students in recovery, supporting them through each step of their healing process.

“The Lord told me very audibly about a year and a half ago that he wants me to minister to women on many levels, which personally threw me for a loop since I have always strayed away from women due to our ‘multiple personalities’,” Zondra laughed.

When the Lord impressed this call on her heart, she knew she had to start taking steps forward in preparation for the work he would reveal to her. Zondra’s experience leading multiple small groups, as well as her involvement with her church’s prayer team, laid the foundation for the Lord’s next assignment.

“My heart has been very broken towards women who walk in pain daily but either don’t see their own pain, or they do see it but have no idea what to do to fix it,” she said.

The BFM residential women’s recovery program offers a safe, home-like environment that fosters healing and promotes growth. Our Christ-centered approach to recovery includes biblical counseling, case management, educational assistance and more to help women fulfill their God-given callings.

“By helping women understand God’s Word and the promise that he truly loves them no matter what they have done, they can move on from their addiction and live the life God has for them,” Zondra said.

Learn more about our long-term, residential recovery programs and how our Christ-centered approach helps women and men experience true, lasting freedom.

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