At Big Fish Ministries (BFM), we are proud to partner with other organizations to help with the recovery and restoration of our community. Hurricane Sally devastated the Gulf Coast on September 16th, leaving thousands with significant property damage and without power.

We began by partnering with Summit Church to distribute over 15,000 bags of ice to neighbors in need. We then joined Liberty church in caring for the immediate needs of the community by distributing 1,500 food boxes and cleaning supplies to support Gulf Coast residents.

Our BFM team also partnered with IWC Services and other faith-based organizations in Foley to help neighbors clear debris and cut down fallen trees. The partnership with IWC Services is also providing our men’s recovery program with much-needed revenue after our thrift store operations became interrupted.

Aside from our north thrift store which sustained significant damage, most of our BFM facilities sustained little damage and are currently operational. The south Foley thrift store is currently open and accepting donations while the north store remains closed for repairs.

Within days, our outpatient recovery services, GRO, and the south thrift store were up and running again as well.

We are continuing to invest in rebuilding our Gulf Coast community. Please prayerfully consider supporting the work of our ministry as we move towards normal operations while recovering from the impact of Hurricane Sally. Thank you, as always, for your support!

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