Today, May 1st, is the official opening of the Big Fish Ministries new women’s residential recovery program.  This program is one of two residential recovery programs for women in Baldwin County and the area’s only long-term residential recovery program for women. Four beds are currently available with an additional 12 beds becoming available at different points throughout the month of May.

This 12-18 month residential women’s program is designed to help restore addicted, homeless and other broken people through Christ-centered healing and transformation. Residents are provided with recovery classes, faith-based individual & group mentoring, case management, Biblical teaching, life-skills training, discipleship classes, legal and educational advocacy, employment readiness training and more.

There is a $500 intake fee with scholarships available for those who qualify. A contract option is also available allowing residents to pay the intake fee while completing the final stages of the program.  Each student is required to pay a minimum of $50 at intake to cover the initial supplies needed.  Onsite independent living, including holding an outside job, is allowed during the final phase of the program.

At this time, women with children, pregnant women and those with serious mental illness requiring psychotropic and/or mood stabilizing medications cannot be accommodated. Those who were abusing opiates and/or alcohol are also required to be detoxed prior to being admitted into the program. There are plans to expand services in the future to help meet the needs of these circumstances and others.

Big Fish Ministries began in 2016 as one of three residential recovery programs for men in Baldwin County. Additionally, the ministry offers a community services program that provides individuals in Baldwin County with clothing and household items and referrals to other community resources to help meet their needs. Their services also include weekly community recovery classes on Friday nights at Liberty Church Foley.

More information along with an online application for those interested in applying to the new women’s program are available on the Big Fish Ministries website at:

Information can also be found on the Big Fish Ministries Facebook and Instagram pages or by calling them at (251) 943-6990. Anyone interested in supporting the launch of this program can make a donation through our website or purchase an item from our women’s program gift registry at:


  • Oma Peebles says:

    This is wonderful to have a program in Baldwin county wish it had been here two years ago before our daughter went to the Foundry in Birmingham. Pray it helps many women. Please do not follow all the Foundry’s program. Please staff your program with plenty of qualified people. Don’t use patients as staff until graduated. Make sure paid staff are there on weekends. That caused many difficult situations

  • Oma Peebles says:

    And please communicate with families of the women if they are involved

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