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to the Hopeless

Join us on November 29 for Giving Tuesday, an international day of “giving back.” Your support will help broken men & women receive Christ-centered recovery support.

Support Big Fish Ministries on Giving Tuesday

Help the Broken & Addicted

Experience True Freedom Through Christ

Big Fish Ministries meets the needs of the homeless and addicted in south Baldwin County by providing long-term residential, Christ-centered recovery and outpatient recovery services. Your support allows us to help those individuals fulfill God’s vision for their lives.

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It’s easy to create your own Facebook fundraiser for our ministry! Just follow these steps to launch your fundraiser in a few minutes. Facebook charges no extra processing fees for people who donate through their platform.

Help us spread love and hope by creating your own Facebook fundraiser today.

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  • Select Nonprofit when asked “Who are you raising money for?”
Step 4
  • Click Create, and your Big Fish Ministries Facebook fundraiser will be live to the public!

Help Broken People Experience Freedom

Donate today to restore addicted, homeless, and other broken people through Christ-centered healing and transformation.

Christ-Centered Healing & Transformation

Our goal for each individual that comes into our ministry is for them to successfully return to society as productive, responsible citizens with hope and a vision to fulfill God’s will for their lives.

“Because of the support of Big Fish ministries, my life has been totally transformed. My reason for living is Christ.”

Jason Harrison2017 Graduate

Support People Struggling With
Life-Controlling Issues