By: Tasha Gomez, Women’s Program Director

I’m excited to announce our new Women’s Transitional Home, which houses nine women! If you weren’t able to attend our ribbon-cutting ceremony, let me tell you how meaningful this new facility is…

For the Big Fish Ministries (BFM) women’s program, it allows our students to go even further in realizing they can walk in freedom and use the tools they learned inside of the program. Not only that but having a transitional home opens the door of opportunity for new ladies to come into the program.

Before we had this second facility, ladies had to “transition” in-house. Everybody was staying on our main site, and that’s great in some ways. But when women got to the transition stage, they weren’t able to fully benefit from seeing they can “do this” outside of the program, prior to graduating.

Our transitional home is peer-led. The person leading the home, the dorm supervisor (think “house mom”), is actually in the program, interning in leadership. So… there’s no staff there!

The women room together and hold each other accountable. It’s an amazing opportunity to walk in leadership skills and calling. It creates the feeling of a real home, with roommates living together.

When ladies first come to BFM, they often need a lot more love, care and support. In the transitional home, in “the last hill,” they’re showing they can live on their own, utilizing the tools they’re given in the program, and they don’t need supervision.

Getting to move from the initial program to transitional living is a huge step, and represents students being that much closer to graduating.

Let’s all praise God for what He’s doing here at BFM in the lives of these women!

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