We’re excited to announce that a new transitional living facility for women at Big Fish Ministries (BFM) is now available! This new resource has already freed up six available openings for women in our long-term recovery program.

We absolutely love watching people, once wrecked by addiction, who come into the program and transform into restored and whole people through the love of Jesus Christ. For many, that transformation process necessitates transitional living.

After six months of residential life at BFM, many people struggle as they re-enter mainstream society. Finding freedom from addiction and self-defeating behaviors is an enormous first step in the recovery process. Yet, staying accountable and free as they grow into independent and productive members of the community requires a lot of new growth and support.

The new transitional house will empower them to do just that.

For the final six months of the 12-month BFM recovery program, the ladies will get to move over to the transitional house. There, we have nine beds available to house them and the residents there will be able to work full-time.

Not only will the transitional home allow women to prepare for life away from the BFM campus, but it will also allow us to take in 6-8 more female recovery program residents at a time!

We’re very grateful for this new much-needed resource and excited about the positive impact we know it will have on our community. The ribbon-cutting ceremony for this new facility is scheduled for Thursday, November 11, at 11 a.m. Tours of the new transitional home and light refreshments will be provided.

We encourage you to check back often for updates on this expansion. Until then, please enjoy this pictures of what’s already underway in the new BFM women’s transitional living house.

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