My name is Erin. I’m a Big Fish Ministries (BFM) graduate and this is my story…

From Trouble to “Aha!”

I grew up in Mississippi and growing up was pretty good. It wasn’t until 2016, when I lost my mom, that I started using.

I got in some trouble and was overall not doing the right things. I was real lonely and high — that’s when God got me. I ended up in jail for stealing someone else’s truck and I believe He orchestrated that because I heard from the Lord there.

I was in jail for five months. My dad was willing to bond me out, but only if I went to a program so we started looking. One place didn’t have any beds open, but someone who worked there told my dad about Big Fish.

I came to BFM in 2019 and I was angry — angry at the world and myself, pretty much. I was taking it out on other people. While I was there, I had to go back to jail for three days for unpaid fines when I had an “aha!” moment.

He showed me that everything was going to be okay and I just needed to lean on Him for love, peace and joy. He told me I didn’t understand how bad it could be and how good I had it.

Challenges and Victories

At first, the challenge of the program was meeting so many new people and being unaware of where they came from, but that’s also what’s so great about it: You’re loved by so many people. It’s like a family and that’s such a blessing.

For the first six months of the program, you work at the Big Fish Thrift Shop as a part of their work therapy training. After that, you get a full-time job — and BFM will help you with job placement if needed. When we’re not working, we have classes such as boundaries, “Alpha” (about growing our faith in Jesus), and “Freedom” (about freedom from bondage and addiction), and we attend three church services each week.

“So Much Love”

In July 2020, I graduated. I grew so close with the people there and developed great relationships. We still talk and see each other at church. A couple of the women originally from out-of-town even relocated to the area.

The staff and students share so much love through their relationships. What made my experience so life-changing was the love the BFM staff have for us.

Now I’m on staff as a dorm supervisor and I’m really looking forward to being reunited with my family, especially my kids. I have two girls and a boy and I don’t get to see them right now, but I’m praying I’ll get to see them very soon.

If you’re in addiction, I’d say don’t give up yet. The miracle is yet to happen. You’re still struggling and going through things, but if you give Big Fish a shot, it’ll be a life-changer. If Big Fish isn’t for you, God will send you to the right place.

God is with us. He’s not forsaken us. He’s always by our side and He’ll send us where we’re supposed to go. God is all over this place. When we find Him, He’ll take us there.

Erin’s story is one of many testimonies of transformation. Would you consider partnering with us to help provide more people like Erin with the life-changing opportunity to encounter true freedom through Jesus at Big Fish Ministries? Thank you for your prayerful consideration and taking the time to read Erin’s story!


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