Long-Term, Residential

Women’s Recovery

We are committed to offering a safe, peaceful, home-like environment that fosters healing and promotes growth.

Christ-Centered Hope & Healing

We are intentional in structuring our recovery program to ensure that all women can fully experience the true freedom that is found in Christ.

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Experience true Christ-Centered freedom

Recovery Classes

Classes are designed to help women struggling with addictions/mental health issues.

Educational Assistance

Residents are provided with educational resources to complete their GED and other educational goals.

Biblical Counseling

Faith-based individual and group counseling sessions available with our Program Mentors.

Life-Skills Training

Residents are equipped with the life skills they will need to thrive after they complete the program.

Case Management

Comprehensive case management services are available to help coordinate treatment.

Legal Advocacy

We assist all residents with navigating their legal issues and coordinate with court systems.

Biblical Teaching

Bible-based teaching is available to help residents grow spiritually.

Job Skills Training

Residents are trained on new job skills that will help them secure employment and reach their career goals.

What qualifications/certifications do program counselors hold and what are their official titles?

Our Program Mentors have life, professional, and educational experience and are pursuing state substance abuse certification. Our Women’s Program Director, Tasha Perry, is a Certified Recovery Support Peer Specialist and a passionate advocate and supporter of women struggling with addictions.

Our female residents also have access to therapeutic services with our Outpatient Services Coordinator, Brittany Renkenberger, who is a licensed Social Worker with over a decade of experience in working with women struggling with addictions/mental health issues and providing trauma-informed care.

Are regular drug screenings a part of the program?

Yes, regular and random drug screening is a mandatory part of the program.

Is 24/7 supervision available for residents?

In the intensive residential portion, 24/7 supervision is available for all residents. During the transitional stage, students are accountable to the Transitional Program Mentor and will live independently in the transition house (which is on site on the women’s campus).

What does the applicant screening process look like?

All female residents are screened for safety issues and trauma history upon admission to our program. Referrals to partner agencies may be made for women in need of a more intensive therapeutic and/or secure program.

How can I find out if any program openings are available?

We welcome you to contact us if you have questions about program opening availability or any other questions about our women’s program.

Trauma-Informed Care

Our women’s program team understands the relationship between trauma and substance abuse and incorporates trauma-informed care principles in our Christ-centered approach to recovery.

Program Mentors

Our Program Mentors provide biblical counseling, case management, and support to help women fulfill their God-given callings.